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Accessing Clever Clinic

What is Clever Clinic & how do you get it? Read up on what you need and the app requirements to get up and running.

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Who is Clever Clinic for?

Clever Clinic is a free app for Healthxchange customers designed to transform patient interactions. It automates the consultation process, provides evidence of compliance with best practice and will help drive business and is essential tool to mitigate medico-legal issues and challenges.

How do I get Clever Clinic?

Clever Clinic can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, just visit the Apple App Store on the iPad you want to install Clever Clinic on and download.

What does Clever Clinic cost?

Clever Clinic is free to Healthxchange Group customers. To fully activate and use the application you will need a Healthxchange Online Account.

What happens if I want to stop using Clever Clinic?

You are free to stop using Clever Clinic at any time and for any reason, please see the security and data protection section below for more details.

What do I need to run Clever Clinic?

An iPad, normal computer and an internet connection are required. Clever Clinic is an iOS app, meaning it needs an Apple device to run on. The design of Clever Clinic has been optimised for the iPad Pro models. It will run on iPads with smaller screen sizes however this can introduce more scrolling of screen elements.

Can I access Clever Clinic through a browser?

Yes – many of the admin features of the Clever Clinic are available online, designed to be accessed by clinic support staff. We recommend using Chrome to access the web admin portal.

Why do I need a Healthxchange Online Account?

During the set up process of Clever Clinic you will need to link the app to your Healthxchange Online Account – this is a security feature of the app and ensures that the app is being used in the correct manner. Without linking the app to your Healthxchange Online Account you will not be able to perform consultations. If you don’t have a Healthxchange Online Account you can register one here.

Security & Data

Your data and security are important. Read our section on how you are protected and your patient and clinic data is kept safe and secure every step of the way.

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Is my data safe?

Absolutely. Clever Clinic takes data protection extremely seriously. Clever Clinic is built out using the latest in secure cloud hosting environments ensuring data is safe. Data is also encrypted when at rest and whilst being processed.

How is my data stored?

All data entered into or generated by Clever Clinic is stored securely within an Amazon Web Services infrastructure.

Is my data stored locally?

No – any data you input to the system is stored on the cloud. No data is stored on the iPad. When you use the iPad to take any photos the camera Roll on the iPad is disabled and photos are sent directly to the cloud storage.

Does Clever Clinic help with GDPR compliance?

Yes - Clever Clinic provides mechanisms to record patient contact preferences as well as prompts when this data is missing. There are several functions within the app that require contact consent to be in place before they are activated – such as email and SMS communication.

Can I export my data if I want to?

Absolutely, if you ever need to export your data from Clever Clinic you can contact our support team and we will endeavour to fulfil your request as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What does Clever Clinic come with?

Feature rich and with pre-loaded content you can be up and running in no time. Read on to find out more about the key features of Clever Clinic.

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Does Clever Clinic have consent forms?

Yes – Clever Clinic is preloaded with Consent forms. You are also free to upload your own consent forms to attach to a treatment.

Can Clever Clinic do before and after photos?

Yes – You are prompted within the consultation flow to capture before and after images as part of a complete consultation.

Does Clever Clinic help with bookings?

Yes - Clever Clinic contains a powerful and flexible calendar booking system as well as a clinic resource planner.

Can I customise Clever Clinic?

Yes – When you first install Clever Clinic it is pre-filled with certain information. You can make changes to the content of the app to ensure it suits your needs. For example if you don’t want a pre-loaded treatment in the system simply remove the pricing and the option will be hidden from view. Please see the resources section for a video demo of this.

Does Clever Clinic integrate with other systems?

Yes – Clever Clinic integrates with your Healthxchange Online Account to facilitate ordering, Quickbooks and an SMS platform. Future plans include integrations with Xero and many more providers.

Can I import my existing patient data?

Yes – There is a simple patient import function that will allow you to upload your patient data. Please see the resources section for a video demo of this.

Does Clever Clinic include SMS messaging?

Yes – We have partnered with one of the largest providers of SMS messaging in the market and we purchase the SMS credits in bulk. This means we get the best prices we can and in-turn share any savings with our Clever Clinic users.

Does it email consents and after care?

Yes – You have the ability to email Consents, Aftercare and Treatment plans to your patients at the end of any consultation. The Clever Clinic app will use the email account set up on the iPad.

Getting started & using Clever Clinic

From setting up to your first consultation find out all you need on how Clever Clinic will work in your clinic.

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How do I set up Clever Clinic?

Setting up your account is simple, download the Clever Clinic app from the app store and then complete the initial steps on the iPad. You can then complete the set up on a normal browser or in the app. Please see the resources section for a guide on setting up your account.

Can I have multiple users?

Yes – You can have as many users in your Clinic Group as you need to. You can also set each users permissions to ensure only those who are medical can carry out consultations etc.

Can I create different locations?

Yes – Your Clinic Group is your Clever Clinic account, within that account you can then create as many Clinics as you wish. Each Clinic will then have it’s own calendar and staff list associated with it.

Can I link to multiple Healthxchange accounts?

You can link any of your Clinics within your Clinic Group to your Healthxchange Online Account. You can only link one clinic to one Healthxchange Online Account but you can have as many clinics as you need.

Can I use the same email more than once?

Yes – Usernames and Passwords and unique but you can use the same email address across multiple accounts

How do I upload my own Consents and Aftercare?

Each treatment has an aftercare and consent form attached to it. If you want to upload your own versions you can do so by editing the treatment in the web admin site and attach your own consent and aftercare.

Can I add non-medical products that I sell?

Yes – in the web admin site you can create ‘Inventory’ items. An inventory item can be added to invoice at the end of a consultation or an invoice can be created for just inventory items if no consultation has taken place.

How do I perform my first consultation?

Once you have set up your Clever Clinic and added a patient click on the calendar under the practioner you want to book an appointment for. Book your appointment and then your practitioner can open the appointment from the app and start the first consultation.

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