The future of patient management

Clever Clinic is designed to transform patient interactions. It will automate the consultation process, drive business and provide evidence of compliance with best practice; an essential tool to mitigate medico-legal challenges.

* Clever Clinic is designed for iPad use - if searching on an iPhone the app will not show in the App Store.

Cartoon doctor in medical uniform holding an iPad

Clever Consult

Intelligent consultation & consent work flows help create complete, consistent consultation records ensuring that no details are missed.

  • Compliant, consistent patient records
  • Pre-built Healthxchange orders
  • Direct To Patient ordering available
  • Dedicated Obagi consultation flow
  • Pre-built clinical consultation flows
  • One touch treatment planning
  • Allergan Injection Points
  • Arteries, nerve & muscle overlays
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Clever Compliance

Compliant, consistent patient records with immutable patient consent.

  • Mitigate medico-legal & medical VAT challenges
  • Automated medical records
  • Ensures best practice
  • Supports clinical governance
Cartoon stethoscope

Clever Care

A flexible, powerful calendar booking system, makes patient appointments and management easy.

  • Advanced booking & scheduling
  • Live notifications
  • Improved patient journeys
  • Customisable calendars
  • SMS Patient notifications and reminders
  • Pre-built Orders based on appointments
  • Printable clinic schedule overview

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