Medical Record Wizard

The powerhouse of Clever Clinic is the unique, purpose built Record Wizard that captures every last detail to ensure nothing is missed during a consultation. An intelligent consultation flow guides you through a series of planed steps ensuring you capture as much information as possible from your patient. A few taps and easy selections translate to a fully populated, medico-legally compliant consultation record.

Discover Key Features
Capture every detail
No action goes unrecorded
Capture patient signatures
Uneditable records
Before and after photos
Record psychological concerns
Record medicines used
Collate signed consent
Record prescriptions created


Consultations become simple and easy. Clever Clinic comes pre-populated with Concerns, Treatments, Consents and Aftercare allowing you to get started straight away. The consultation flows guide you step-by-step through a patient consultation – reminders, notifications and warnings ensure nothing gets missed. Replacing the need for paper records Clever Clinic produces consistent and compliant consultation records every time.

Discover Key Features
Pre-built ordering based on future appointments
Add injection points and calculate units used
Dedicated Obagi Skin Care Flow
Assess psychological concerns
Address Anxiety, Depression & BDD
Record before and after photos
Pre-drawn avatars linked to concerns
Linked treatments and prices
Quoting capabilities
Email aftercare and treatment plans
Forward orders to your Healthxchange Online Account
Mark-up patient photos
Dictation and voice recording
Previous Medical History Updates
Defer or refer consult or treatment
Record medicines used
Digital consent signing
Automated medical record creation

Patient Records

Record every interaction you have with a patient in a consistent, compliant and secure medical record. Update critical information such as Allergies and Alerts at the touch of a button, browse previous consultation history and instantly start a new consultation. Each patient record builds to give a complete history in chronological order.

Discover Key Features
Update past medical history
Review patient finances
Alerts and notifications
Filter views
View patient prescriptions
Complete outstanding actions
Generate Invoices
Book review appointments
Schedule repeat appointments
Review Medical Record
Update patient information
Set patient GDPR preferences
Complete ‘Over The Counter’ sales
Upload documents


A powerful, flexible calendar helps manage patient appointments, clinician diaries and clinic schedules. Appointments cards are pre-filled with treatment type, consultation type and allocated equipment making it easy to see what resources are required for an appointment. The calendar also contains a planner module that allows you to schedule clinician time across multiple location as well as block out time for personal, holiday and meeting requirements.

Discover Key Features
Conflict management
Equipment allocation
Room management
Allergies and Alerts pinned to appointment
Appointment details easy to access
Mark appointment as no show
Book out clinician availability
SMS appointment reminders
Practitioner only view


A detailed analytics module is included in Clever Clinic allowing you visibility of your key performance metrics. A summary page allows you to view a snapshot of your appointments by type, by clinician, or by treatment. A more detailed report builder can be used to analyse and export custom reports as and when needed.

Discover Key Features
Custom Reporting
Dynamic graphing
Export to CSV
Multiple filters
Add or remove columns

Web-based Administration

Each instance of Clever Clinic comes with a web admin site. This web based administration tool allows you to manage staff and patients as well as configure clinics, equipment treatments and more. Feature rich and easy to use it makes getting started with Clever Clinic super simple.

Discover Key Features
Create & edit patients
Manage patient records
Book appointments
Manage clinician diaries
Allocate equipment and rooms
Update consents and Aftercare
Link pricing options
Manage treatment and inventory items
Link to your Healthxchange Online Account

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