Clever tools tailored to your consultations

Clever Clinic comes pre built with Obagi Medical and Saxenda Tools. Both tools are designed to guide you through these specific consultation flows, ensuring you have the correct information to hand to inform, educate and reassure your patient.

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Saxenda® Tool

Clever Clinic simplifies weight management consultations with the Saxenda® Tool. Purpose built to ensure no detail is missed, the Saxenda® Tool helps streamline compliance and patient education. The Tool includes easy to use checklists for patient exclusions, as well as a treatment checklist including the most important materials necessary to review with your patient. A bespoke consent for Saxenda®, treatment planner, and post treatment documents to help guide your patient in physical activity, goal setting, and healthy eating round out our most advanced integration yet.

tickAutomatic BMI calculation
tickEligibility compliance checks
tickEmail programme supporting adherence
tickTreatment planner & dose escalation
tickBespoke aftercare documents
tickCustom consent document
tickPrescribing alerts
tickManufacturer resources
tickTreatment review with BMI recalculation
Novo Nordisk has supported the initial costs of developing the Clever Clinic® app for Saxenda®. Novo Nordisk has had no influence over the app content and has reviewed it for medical and factual accuracy only. The content of the app is intended for UK and Irish Healthcare Professionals only.

Obagi Tool

The Obagi Tool makes it easy to integrate skincare into every consultation. Whether you are a new clinician or an experienced expert, everyone will appreciate the dedicated features included with this Tool. The consultation starts with a dedicated library of skincare concerns, allowing focused selection of the relevant options. Using simple sliders, the Skin Analysis Tool gives you consistent, objective measurement of the most vital information, and is easily auditable to demonstrate patient improvements over time. In Clinical Options, the treatment library comes pre-loaded with all of the Obagi Medical products you know and love, with systems grouped together. When selecting product systems, changing the patient's skin type (for example dry to oily) also changes the recommended products. It's that easy! And even better, all recommended retails prices are loaded, too! For all systems, the treatment planner is pre-populated with suggested starting regimens, giving the patient detailed instructions on which products to use each day of the week, in the morning and evening. Of course, this is completely customisable, ensuring your patient gets the perfect protocol for their needs. Selected systems also offer the option to automatically send dedicated email programmes with the touch of a button. Integrating skincare into every consultation has never been easier!

tickTreatment library preloaded with full range of Obagi products
tickSimple selection of skin concerns
tickDetailed Skin Analysis in every consultation
tickBespoke consent document included
tickIndicate verbal consent for remote consultations
tickPre-populated recommended retail pricing
tickEasily customisable treatment planner with protocol suggestions
tickOne-touch verification of test patching status
tickEducational patient email programmes for selected systems

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